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Webinar – Investing in Ethical Mining Companies

Thanks to everyone who joined our Webinar on Wednesday 15 July 20. In case you missed it, you can watch it again here – LINK

Some responses to questions raised from Louise Wrathall, Central Asian Metals:

  • Peter Orban – I think I noted a reference to CAML’s BBB MSCI ESG raing in Louise’s presentation. Is there a KPI to increase this and is the panel aware of any global mining companies higher than average (BB, BBB or A)?  Hi Peter, Thanks for your question. We don’t have a specific KPI to increase this rating in particular. It is my understanding that a MSCI BBB means our rating category is higher than 62% of mining companies analysed, with only 25% of companies in a better rating category than ours. Having just published our first sustainability report, we are pleased with this rating. However, we already know there are areas on which we can improve and our efforts this year will go into this.
  • John – Question also for Louise: you place the education emphasis firmly on the materials end use. Do you think the mining industry also needs to do more to show what efforts are being made on the production end of the spectrum to ensure responsible and sustainable practices? Hi John, Thanks for your question. Yes, absolutely. I think many mining companies are becoming more aware that their sustainability-based disclosure is increasingly important to investors and other stakeholders, hence us publishing our first standalone report this year which focuses on our business and primarily our producing operations.
  • Bharat – One for Louise, With regards to a post Covid world do you think CAM will increase mining automation in the future? How will that effect the employees and their retraining? Hi Bharat, thanks for your question. Yes, I think COVID-19 has made us all re-think our lives and businesses and we at CAML are always looking to future technology to improve our operational efficiency and the safety of our sites. For example, we are introducing some remote loading in our underground operations at Sasa as well as installing underground internet